Retractable Screens of Colorado is an authorized dealer and distributor of Phantom retractable screens for doors, windows and large openings. Though Phantom was the first in the market of retractable screens, we aren’t the only brand out there. So, how do you know you’re getting a Phantom Screen? Here are a few things that make us different.

Multi-Product Line

While they are well known for their Professional and Legacy retractable door screens, Phantom also provides screening solutions for windows and large openings. The Serene line is perfect for windows and is typically mounted inside the home. Executive screens are meant for any large space from 6 to 25 feet in width!

Multi-Use Products

Phantom screen doors can be utilized for swinging, sliding, entry, back, garage, and French doors (just to name a few). Our retractable door screens can be installed on nearly any existing doorway. Serene screens are meant for more standard sized windows, but can extend in length and width to fit almost any existing window. Serene screens are custom ordered and made to fit each window. These have a very simple latching system that pulls vertically. Our Executive screens, are motorized and are a great screen solution for patios, pool areas, garages, and more!

Latching Handle

As we’ve mentioned before, Phantom has developed a unique latching system that come standard on Legacy screen handles. This means that the screen is “hooked” to tracks on both the top and bottom of the frame, creating a more secure bond with the door frame. These screens are made using the same high quality materials as our most well-known model, the Professional Screen which utilizes magnets to close. Note that we are able to upgrade magnet handles to latching handles for those who already have Professional screens installed.


In the past we’ve discussed the benefit of having custom screen doors installed. We custom cut every single door either on-site or in-house (depending on location) to the specifications of your doors.

We also have different color and mesh types. If our standard colors don’t meet your door needs, we also have premium, wood grain, and custom color match options—so you’ll always find a product that looks great with your home.

As for the mesh types, we have 13 different weave types from a simple insect block all the way to 100% UV block with our privacy screens. These screens can solve the problem of getting too much heat on your porch or too much sun in your main room. These also come in different colors including charcoal, silver grey, black, white, bronze, and tan. These meshes are compatible with the different Phantom products depending on thickness and flex.
If all else fails, you always know a Phantom when you see the “P” on the handle. If you have any additional questions about our products feel free to drop us a note or give us a call.