Phantom and Retractable Screens of Colorado used to sell self-installation kits for roll away screen doors but we found that the product was not a good do-it-yourself project. There are enough variations in the screen doors and enough precision needed, that we found that it should really be installed by our factory-trained professionals. Problems arose like: broken screens, loose mounting and even damaged doorways. It was after consistent calls from customers that we decided to make our screen doors a ‘professionals only’ installation.

With DIY roll away screens, the customization can be difficult, especially when it comes to size. Because we custom cut all of our screen doors on site, we know that each Phantom Screen is made for each of our customers’ doors. We also know that the installer has plenty of on-site experience and will get your screen doors installed perfectly on the first try.

So rather than waste an afternoon working on a roll away screen door installation and perhaps finding it frustrating, let one of our professional installers handle it…we think you’ll agree that it’s an investment that is worth every penny. If you’re thinking of purchasing professionally installed Phantom Screens, get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.