In an age where it seems like every home remodel is ‘going green,’ retractable screens for porches are no exception. The representatives at Retractable Screens of Colorado want to take a moment and tell you all about how these days even screens are going green.

Eco-Friendly Porches Can Save You from Getting Scorched

The large cultural shift toward energy saving, eco-friendly products has meant that most manufactures have had to change the way they do business. Not here at Retractable Screens of Colorado; our retractable screens for porches have always been made the same way. We use the most abundant metal on earth: extruded aluminum. Not only is this metal endlessly recyclable and easy to replace, it’s also naturally energy-efficient.

Our aluminum mesh is 7 times more effective at cooling your home than blinds or interior curtains. This reduces your solar heat gain by up to 80%. Translation: with this simple cosmetic change to your porch door, you’ll reduce your heating and cooling bills because you’ll lower the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

A Marriage of Style, Functionality, & Efficiency

Phantom Screens - Retractable for Porches and Large AreasIn addition, our retractable screens for porches:

  • Reduce solar glare
  • Absorb direct sunlight
  • Maximize daylight
  • Fit any décor or architectural motif

You can pick the style, color, and mounting that blend in with the pre-existing structure. The screens fit so seamlessly into your home that it will feel like they’ve always been there. Use the retractable porch screens when you need them and simply raise them when you don’t. Who knew energy-efficiency could be so simple and so stylish at the same time?

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