As fall comes to a close and winter advances, it may seem like an odd time to talk about installing retractable screen doors, but what we’re really talking about is preservation. Preservation not only applies to the interior features of your home, but also to the design and functionality of its exterior elements like the doors and windows.

How many times have you caught yourself reminding someone not to slam the outside door? We’ve all struggled with stubborn hinges, heavy sliding doors and bent track systems, no matter the season. Whether it’s our children all bundled up and running outside to play in the snow or us, as we fiddle with a sticky latch while trying to close the door all the way, there’s plenty of reasons to install retractable screen doors even in the winter months.

In this article we’ll discuss how these issues can be a thing of the past with the help of the expertly trained professionals from Retractable Screens of Colorado.

Screened-in Hassles: A Look at Some Common Porch Door Problems

Screen doors come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The same could be said of the problems they create.

At times these doors seem to be both a blessing and a curse. Many homeowners appreciate the wealth of natural light and refreshing breezes that seem to overtake the house in the warmer months. Fast forward to cooler temperatures and it’s a whole different story. Bulky weather stripping, worn out latches, and repeated use make it difficult to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Not to mention the wear and tear on the exterior walls and siding.

All of this leads to a cycle of living through months of discomfort and higher heating bills, just to make it to that window of opportunity where you can enjoy your screen door again. What if there was a way to enjoy the benefits all year long? With Phantom Retractable Screen Doors this dream can be a reality.

Screen Doors Redesigned


Phantom and authorized providers like Retractable Screens of Colorado have come together to revolutionize your doors and windows.

Whether you have single, double, or sliding doors, this modern, retractable design will operate smoothly and quietly every time. Use it when you need it; retract it when you don’t. No matter the season, you’ll never have to choose between your view and protection from the elements again. This door offers all-in-one construction that’s durable and user-friendly.

The magnetic latch automatically closes creating an air tight seal even on windy days. Need to open it again? Simply press down on the subtle thumb lever and it will glide open on parallel tracks.

Even those door slamming lectures can be retired. All you have to do is request an anti-slam system. The factory-trained installer can match any finish and all of the products are backed by a lifetime warranty (restrictions may apply).

Call or go online for a quote from Retractable Screens of Colorado today.



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