We often are asked how durable Phantom Screens are or what will help them last longer. To answer in short, Phantom Screens can last upwards of 10 years. Just a few weeks ago, we spoke to a customer who wanted to get replacement mesh for a screen she had installed in 1990; notice we say replacement mesh…all of the mechanics still worked perfectly, the paint was still as vivid as ever, and the tension was still taut.

Now, as with anything, you must take care of them to last their full lifetime. Here are a few tips about how to get the most out of your Phantom Screens:

  • Screens should be retracted into their protective storage housing when not in use to preserve and extend the life of the mesh.
  • Tracks should be kept free of dirt and debris. Vacuuming out the top and bottom tracks and applying Phantom’s greaseless silicone spray on a regular basis can work wonders.
  • Clean mesh fabric with water, mild detergent, and a soft brush rather than with harsh chemicals or a pressure washer.
  • Make sure your mesh is dry before rolling it away into the housing.
  • If the screen is pushed out of its tracks, gently push the screen back into tracks before rolling the screen back into the housing.

We hope these tips help, and we wish your Phantom Screens a long life keeping your home cool and comfortable. If you have any questions about Phantom retractable screens that we haven’t covered on the blog, get in touch, we’re always ready to help.