How Long will Phantom Screens Last?

We often are asked how durable Phantom Screens are or what will help them last longer. To answer in short, Phantom Screens can last upwards of 10 years. Just a few weeks ago, we spoke to a customer who wanted to get replacement mesh for a screen she had installed in 1990; notice we say...
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Is Anyone Making Custom Screen Doors in Denver?

With so many businesses being outsourced and simplified, is anyone offering true custom screen doors in Denver? Yes! Retractable Screens of Colorado and Phantom believe in having a product that is made for home at home. And, because doors aren’t “one-size-fits-all,” custom screen doors are the solution to almost any screening problem. Here’s How it...
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The Winter Thaw: A Perfect Time to Invest in Motorized Window Shades

Have you ever noticed that airing out your house makes it feel bigger? There’s something about opening up your doors and windows that makes your living space feel expansive. However, a lot of us live in climates that aren’t suitable to this feeling all year round. Whether it’s dust-filled winds, soggy eaves, or winter snowstorms,...
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